Modern Research suggests that adding a high-quality Allicin extract designed to help maintain a healthy natural defense system, to your diet may provide individual health benefits.

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AlliMax ® Allisure AC-23 products offer you safe effective and scientifically proven allicin. Our extensive completed and ongoing clinical research ensures the latest delivery and formulation expertise. For copies of our research studies please contact our office.

AlliMax ® Allisure AC-23 draws on solid biomedical science and best manufacturing practices to offer nutrition products.

AlliMax ® U.S. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, a forward-looking corporation  with a rich history as a leader in the international stabilized Allicin industry,  grounded in the pioneering research of Peter Josling, Biochemist, Author and Director of The Garlic Center based in Sussex, England.

AlliMax ® Allisure AC-23 is strategically positioned as a major player in the emerging shift in nutritional science involving stabilized Allicin, the result of a patented process of stabilizing Allicin, the active component of garlic resulting in a purified, living source of completely stable Allicin.

To your health with Allicin –  the heart of garlic. 


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